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Around the Brexit Blogs and Related Events

Around the Brexit Blogs and Related Events - technological developments continue to grow rapidly, old technologist replaced with the latest, on the blog Tecno Mobile Phones we will discuss various updated technology from various brands around the world, well now we will discuss first about Around the Brexit Blogs and Related Events we collect a lot data from various reliable sources to make this article, please read:

Articles : Around the Brexit Blogs and Related Events
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Around the Brexit Blogs and Related Events

InternKat searches for the latest updates...
 1. Afro-IP: Similarity Tools, Bug Bears and Brexit
The Afro-IP blog, covering African intellectual property law, informs readers that in the past the Republic of South Africa have looked to the UK when interpreting their Trade Mark Law. However, as the European system has developed, the South African courts have considered the decisions of the CJEU. Afro-Leo believes that the European influence in the interpretation of the ‘likelihood of confusion’ test is likely to prevail in Africa. However, he ponders whether after Brexit Africa will take direction from the UK or the CJEU.

 SOLO IP: Why you should withdraw your European Patent Application
SOLO IP, blogging for Independent IP Practitioners, suggests that patent applicants and their agents should very seriously consider their portfolios of pending European patent applications. Barbara Cookson submits that the prospect of the Unitary Patent is fading fast after the Brexit vote and advises readers that examination fees will be refunded if examination has not started.

  MARQUES CLASS 99 (Designs: A different sort of Brexit: London Act is terminated.
Marques Class 99, blogging on design law, informs readers of the Termination of the London (1934) Act of the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Deposit of Industrial Designs. This may be of more historical than commercial interest to many readers since the termination has been in process since 2013

Two related events:
1.  Is there a European Future for UK Intellectual Property Law?
The CIPPM Annual Symposium 2016 will address the uncertainties that surround the forthcoming role of UK in the European intellectual property arena, in an attempt to respond to some of the questions that have emerged in the wake of the referendum. Where: Executive Business Centre, Bournemouth University When: Thursday 3 November 2016, 10.30 – 18.00. 

 Copyright Reform in a Brexit Environment, Public Lecture By Prof. Martin Kretschmer
The CREATe Public Lecture Series 2016 will investigate what a digital single market means in an interconnected world in which copyright still slices content by territory; and whether the balance between artists, investors and users still reflects an analogue world of linear exploitation. The lecture then considers if the UK will become a digital Island post Brexit. Where: University of Glasgow, Humanities Lecture Theatre When: Wednesday, October 19th, 17:30

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Related : Around the Brexit Blogs and Related Events

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